Escape Routes podcast: Puerto Rico

Head to the Caribbean island with the latest episode in our ongoing series
Escape Routes podcast Puerto Rico

In this podcast, Paola Singer returns to Puerto Rico to see how its relationship with food and farming has changed since Hurricane Maria in 2017. The storm laid bare the island’s longstanding dependence on sugar plantations and food imports from the American mainland, but a new generation of Puerto Ricans is now championing local farming and food sovereignty. Singer meets sustainably minded, island-proud chefs who have rediscovered Puerto Rico’s pre-Columbian food heritage and are reintroducing bygone crops to their restaurant menus.


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This podcast is sponsored by Discover Puerto Rico, the official destination marketing organisation for Puerto Rico. It provides recommendations to kick off your travel plans to the sun-soaked Island. Get inspiration, news, tips and advice for your trip, discovering everything about the rich history and culture, from historic sites and traditional dishes to rainforests, majestic mountains, pristine beaches and cultural and outdoor activities. For more details and to arrange accommodation, visit

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